Band of Gringos @ Moonshine Beach

"I'm flying high over Tupelo, Mississippi, with America's hottest band... and we're all about to die."

Just kidding, I just couldn't write a blog on music without somehow including a quote from my favorite movie. Rolling Stone might not be paying me to tour the country with a rogue rock band, but my friend Kasey did snag me credentials to shoot him and his crazy talented amigos, Band of Gringos, while they performed at Moonshine Beach. 

The first time I heard the Gringos play was on the main stage of the Ocean Beach Street Fair last year with the waves crashing behind them and a cold beer in my hand.  Like any other kid that grew up stealing their dad’s Led Zepplin IV album would be, I was an immediate fan of their Hendrix-esque sound. If you love Classic Rock, a healthy dose of shredding solos, and supporting local music, then you need to check out the Gringo trio. Cody Sherman is their guitarist and vocalist, Spence Noble plays the drums, and my buddy Kasey Dring ties it all together with his bass guitar. The band is based out of Ocean Beach and can be heard playing various spots around the San Diego such as Winstons and Belly Up.

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