Spring is Coming

With each lap I took down the mountain I shed another layer of clothing. It felt like a race between myself and the sun as I tried to get as many runs in as possible while the snow was still good. Two weeks ago I was thigh deep in powder darting through the trees… today I darted through other skiers on slushy groomers. My google tan is considerably more noticeable now, just like the rustling of the local fauna as they begin to wake from their winter dens. And just like that, my favorite season is beginning to come to an end.

Spring mornings are lovely and I cherish the long days of summer out on the water. But come autumn, I'm filled with the anticipation of winter. I don't care about pumpkin picking or turkey dinners. Instead, I watch the leaves fall from the trees like my own version of an advent calendar ticking down the time until the first winter storm. I spend my spare time religiously following NOAA reports and praying to the Goddess of Snow so that she brings us a good winter... and soon.

Those of use that worship at the top of snowy summits have been fortunate this winter. It's been a good season for the west coast snowpack. Spring may be coming, but with any luck, we’ll be riding through summer. As a thank you to the aforementioned snow deity for all her hard work, I thought I should finally get around to posting some photos from a commercial shoot I did a few months back. Jazelyn, thank you for your amazing portrayal as the Ice Queen.

My Outdoor Traditions

I had a whole blog post in the works, but my niece is in town, I have client deadlines to meet, a Mammoth trip I need to finish packing for, and not enough time to properly edit everything I want to say. Even though I don’t have any witty prose to accompany these photos, I hope you enjoy this handful of snaps from some climbing trips over the past few months with Outdoor Traditions and friends. Check out the photos and then check out their 40% sale before your favorite designs are gone.

PS. I’m also going to include the link to Angel’s Climbing Tattoo Special. You know… just in case you are thinking about getting a nature tattoo that also gives back to the community and outdoor spaces that shape us as climbers.

Enjoy the photos!

2019 San Diego Women's March

On January 19th, 2019 I joined the tens of thousands of people marching in Downtown San Diego in support of civil rights, disability rights, reducing climate change, immigrant rights, LGBTQIA rights, reproductive rights, and workers rights. Instead of a sign I carried my 35mm camera with me and asked to photograph those raising their voices in solidarity with me. Here is a handful of photos that turned out with the new film I was trying.

To learn more about and support the Women’s March San Diego and the work they do please click the button below!

Climbing + Cacti

Last weekend I threw my tent and crash pad into my Jeep and made my way out to Joshua Tree National Park to join the ladies from Arêt Basewear and Girls Who Climb for a few days of climbing and camaraderie at their Climbing + Cacti meet up.

Typically I'm a pretty outgoing and extroverted person. I have no problem speaking in front of crowds or approaching complete strangers - in fact, my career and art are built on this particular skill. However, the older I get the more introverted and reclusive I have seemed to become. Sometimes I have a hard time deciding when it's more beneficial to spend some time alone* and recharge or when it's actually in my best interest to push through those feelings and be social.


Despite all the excitement I felt during the previous week to get outside climbing with a bunch of rad women, I woke up Saturday morning with a nervous energy and the need to find some peace and downtime. I packed up my current book, stove, and favorite camp breakfast (chicken top ramen, Taco Bell Hot Sauce, and Tajín) and joined my friends Olivia and Eric in a morning scramble up the Lost Horse Area. They spent the morning rigging and highlining while I was able to read in peace and soak up the morning sun as it rose over the desert floor below.

That afternoon Olivia and I met the rest of the ladies at the base of Intersection Rock, but I was still feeling heavily reclusive and had a hard time introducing myself or being social. Even though I had my ideal secluded morning, all I wanted to do was run away by myself again and lizard in the sun on top of some rocks. After dropping Olivia back off at the Hemingway Highline I found my friends at Arêt still in the parking lot outside of Intersection and decided to join them for a mellow day of bouldering, goldfish-snacking, sun napping, and laughing. The ladies of the Green House are my kind of wonderfully weird and I always feel comfortably myself around them so the day ended up being a satisfying balance of seclusion from people and friendly company. As I sat by the campfire in the BLM that night I felt guilty that I hadn't really accomplished my goal of meeting new female friends and climbing partners and I promised myself that I would be better and more social the following day.


I watched the sunrise that Sunday morning from my warm sleeping bag and still felt that heavy urge to be introverted weighing on me. I put on a smile and a pot of water for tea as I struggled with the choice of going home early or forcing myself to stay and be social. I ran into an old climbing friend and I made the decision to stay. I came out here to meet some amazing woman and I was going to uphold that promise I made - and I'm so glad I did.

After a few wrong turns, Christina and I eventually found the bouldering group tucked back away in the Outback Boulders. As I warmed up on the rocks I also found myself warming up to the wonderful people around me. Everyone was so friendly, encouraging, and excited to be there that the positivity was contagious and the heaviness I was feeling quickly melted away. My favorite part about climbing in groups like these is that they are so supportive, both on the rock and personally. I explained how I felt guilty I wasn’t more friendly or present before and they understood and reassured me. It wasn't long before I was feeling comfortable in this group of strangers and enjoying my day climbing with my new friends. It was a pleasure to meet, laugh, and climb with all of you!


Thank you Lea Hernández , Girls Who Climb, and Arêt Baseware for organizing this event! The photos below are only a few of my favorite from the weekend. If you attended the event and want to see additional photos I also added about 50 to the shared google album on the event page.

Weekend in the Sierras

I made the old familiar trek up the 395 to Bishop for Memorial Day weekend, but this was the first time it wasn't a climbing trip. I traded my climbing shoes for hiking boots and my Mark II for my ae1. We spent the weekend venturing up and down the Sierras hitting everywhere from the temple crag to the hot springs.

Check out a few snaps from the trek along with the faces of my friends who made the weekend so enjoyable. 

Band of Gringos @ Moonshine Beach

"I'm flying high over Tupelo, Mississippi, with America's hottest band... and we're all about to die."

Just kidding, I just couldn't write a blog on music without somehow including a quote from my favorite movie. Rolling Stone might not be paying me to tour the country with a rogue rock band, but my friend Kasey did snag me credentials to shoot him and his crazy talented amigos, Band of Gringos, while they performed at Moonshine Beach. 

The first time I heard the Gringos play was on the main stage of the Ocean Beach Street Fair last year with the waves crashing behind them and a cold beer in my hand.  Like any other kid that grew up stealing their dad’s Led Zepplin IV album would be, I was an immediate fan of their Hendrix-esque sound. If you love Classic Rock, a healthy dose of shredding solos, and supporting local music, then you need to check out the Gringo trio. Cody Sherman is their guitarist and vocalist, Spence Noble plays the drums, and my buddy Kasey Dring ties it all together with his bass guitar. The band is based out of Ocean Beach and can be heard playing various spots around the San Diego such as Winstons and Belly Up.

Go follow Band of Gringos on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on their shows and groove along with me in the front row! 

Campside: Portraits from Red Rock Rendezvous

Last weekend was my first time attending Red Rock Rendzvous and I may have gotten a little carried away with my shutter. Since I took so many photos I thought it would be best to separate the photos into two posts: portraits and climbing shots.

So without further ado, I present to you the faces that made RRR18 so enjoyable last weekend. Thank you all for letting me constantly snap away as we climbed and drank our weight in free beer!

Stay tuned for another post chalk full of climbing photos headed your way next week.