The Beginning: Behind the Scenes of IFSC Paraclimbing

Bonjour mon amies,

Today marks the end of the first day of qualifiers for Paraclimbing, Women's Lead, and Men's bouldering in the IFSC World Championship here in Paris, France. Jillian kicked some serious ass this morning and is heading into round two of qualifiers tomorrow in 4th place and only one point behind 1st place. Sean will have his first day of climbing tomorrow in Men's Lead and Sierra will have her first day as well in Women's Bouldering.

It's midnight here in Paris and I've spent most of the day photographing and then sorting and editing so I don't have the energy to say much right now. Instead I'm going to do a larger post summarizing the whole event with all the climbing photographs. I couldn't resist uploading my favorite non-climbing moments from the day before heading to bed though.

Please note, none of these photos have been posed or otherwise directed. Today I focused on trying to capture the athletes in authentic moments of preparation and focus

Profiter et bonne nuit.