Spring is Coming

With each lap I took down the mountain I shed another layer of clothing. It felt like a race between myself and the sun as I tried to get as many runs in as possible while the snow was still good. Two weeks ago I was thigh deep in powder darting through the trees… today I darted through other skiers on slushy groomers. My google tan is considerably more noticeable now, just like the rustling of the local fauna as they begin to wake from their winter dens. And just like that, my favorite season is beginning to come to an end.

Spring mornings are lovely and I cherish the long days of summer out on the water. But come autumn, I'm filled with the anticipation of winter. I don't care about pumpkin picking or turkey dinners. Instead, I watch the leaves fall from the trees like my own version of an advent calendar ticking down the time until the first winter storm. I spend my spare time religiously following NOAA reports and praying to the Goddess of Snow so that she brings us a good winter... and soon.

Those of use that worship at the top of snowy summits have been fortunate this winter. It's been a good season for the west coast snowpack. Spring may be coming, but with any luck, we’ll be riding through summer. As a thank you to the aforementioned snow deity for all her hard work, I thought I should finally get around to posting some photos from a commercial shoot I did a few months back. Jazelyn, thank you for your amazing portrayal as the Ice Queen.